What I Want in Photo Organization

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Photo Organization

Currently, I don’t use any photo organization programs. Here is what I want and what I don’t want in photo organization.

  1. Files – Keep photo files in their original location in their original format. I don’t want my photos stored in a proprietary format, nor do I want to burden my hard disk by storing another copy of files that already exist.
  2. Editing – Provide an easy way to review, rotate images that are oriented incorrectly, and delete unwanted photos. Offer an option for automatic image enhancement.
  3. Information – Allow me to add the details about my photos. Store all the information or metadata about a photo in the original file, avoiding extra files that can become lost or separated from the original files.
  4. Location – The program should recognize geographical tags that are present and provide a way to add location to photos without that information. All photos should…

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About Cheryl

I am an independent consultant for Close to My Heart. This is a new adventure for me. I will continue to host card making workshops and crops. I am an educational assistant in an early intervention program. All in all, I decided that if I became a consultant it would be much more cost efficient for me and I would earn money too! I love the product and hope you will too!
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